Optimum Protein Level for Ketogenic Diet.

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Optimum protein intake depends on your activity level. The greater your physical activity intensity, volume and frequency, the greater amount of protein your require. For example, to have a muscle-sparing effect, aim for 0.75 g of protein / kg ideal body weight. If you are moderately to highly active, you may increase your protein intake to 1 g protein / kg ideal body weight to 1.2 g protein / kg ideal body weight.

Below are a selection of various sources of protein:

Food Item Protein (g) / 100g serve
Fillet Steak Grilled 32 g
Pork Lean Grilled 30.6 g
Chicken Breast Grilled 30 g
Chicken Liver Cooked 24.6 g
Lamb Lean Grilled 28.6 g
Peanut Raw 24.7 g
Salmon Grilled 24.3 g
Whey Protein Drink 24 g
Prawns Meat Cooked 23.7 g
Squid Poached 20.9 g
Almond Raw 19.5 g
Cashew Raw 17 g
Chicken Egg Boiled 12.4 g
Tofu Firm 12 g
Tofu Silken or Soft 8.1 g
Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 5 g